Jul 30

NOAA Beach Walk and Presentation


The fine folks from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) are returning to our community beach on Monday the 11th of August at 11:00 AM for a Beach Walk and Presentation about the coastal ecosystems. Learn about urban streams and coastal plains, please bring the kids down and join us for the activities!

Jul 29

A message from retired astronaut John Fabian

Dear Friends

Over the past 10 or 12 years, the Edgewater Beach Community has supported the Hood Canal Coalition in its battle to prevent the development of an industrial harbor complex on the Jefferson County side of the canal. Your support, including financial contributions, make you one of a number of community groups who cherish and wish to preserve Hood Canal. You have recognized the threat of industrialization, dust, fumes, noise and lighting on shoreline communities in North Kitsap and Jefferson counties.

The pit to pier project has now entered into a most dangerous stage, with the release of the Jefferson County Draft Environmental Impact Study (DEIS). This document does not represent reality. It glosses over threats to the Hood Canal bridge, critical habitat, water quality, and traffic congestion in the canal area north of Bangor. It downplays the impact of massive strip mining in the foothills of the Olympic Mountains. It ignores the flagrant history of mismanagement by the owners of the mining company and their failure to pay state and federal taxes or to provide medical and retirement benefits to their employees as required by their labor contract.

Fred Hill Materials no longer exists. It lost its assets as a result of bankruptcy. However Thorndyke Resource is a pre-bankruptcy spin-off of FHM with the same upper management.

We need your help to prevent the destruction of Hood Canal. Please stand with us again. We need you to prepare and present comments on the DEIS and its whitewash approach to decision making.

Please let me know that you will do what you can and tell me what we can do to assist you.


For further details see this article at the Peninsula Daily News.